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We are delighted to announce that Marcus André is the WINNER of Best Leading Actor in the Prisma – Rome Independent Film Awards for his role as Nuno Fernandes in “Floaters”.


Since 2021, Marcus André is part of the team led by Julian Hicks as a creative producer and business development for the MovieBox Studios in the Algarve.

“When Marcus said to me – I didn’t choose to be an actor, I was born an actor! – I didn’t believe, but as soon as he stepped on stage, I knew exactly what he meant!”

Carlos Pacheco


Marcus spent most of his childhood living with his parents until he moved to Lisbon at the age of 15 in order to become a professional actor. He graduated professionally at the age of 18 and did his first television appearance at the age of 16 in  “Jura” for SIC.

Soon afterwards Marcus joined a professional theatre company as a resident actor and director\’s assistant. In the meanwhile, he played various roles in several Portuguese TV productions including popular TV soaps such as “Morangos Com Açucar”.

At the end of 2012, the young actor decided to take the leap and move to London where he joined the dance company NuTempo directed by the choreographer Everaldo Pereira (known for “The Lion King” musical). In the following year, Marcus won a place at KSA Performing Arts and graduated in 2015 with a Professional Musical Theatre Diploma by the Trinity Guildhall College London.

In recent years, Marcus has worked on several music projects, such as “GodSpell”, “The Legacy”, “The Wiz”, while joining casts in the film and television industries in the UK.

His latest works include the role of Fred in “Na Corda Bamba” (On Thin Ice), nominated for the International Emmy Award and Nuno in “Floaters” by Polish writer and director, Tomek Chenczke.



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